More delish encounters in our art world round Afro-politan circles mainly from Tanzania...

Mapambano ya Ndani Msichana yatima mwenye ulemavu wa ngozi, anapatikana akiwa ametelekezwa mtaani, anaasiliwa na mfanya biashara mmoja mwenye mafanikio pamoja na mkewe. Lakini biashara inapoanza kuyumba, anapata ushauri ambao utamuweka katika wakati mgumu sana: Je, atasikiliza ushauri wa mganga au atasikiliza moyo wake?
Chaguo Rasmi la ZIFF 2017 (Official selection of ZIFF 2017)
 Ijumaa Tarehe 21-JULY- 2017, 06:00 PM/12 Jioni AT ECO SANAA TARRACE-CDEA (Mikocheni B, DSM Karibu na Nakiete Pharmacy)

SUA "Back2Street Concert" - Season 3 Ep 3 at Soweto Arusha, Ethiopia Street

 Hosted by Okoa Mtaa Foundation and S.U.A 30th July 2017, 12:30-6:30pm Saa 6:30 hadi saa 12:30 jioni. 

This July with AfriDocs, there's screening of a compelling range of films that look at the journeys that define us. Looking at how race, language, immigration, adoption, and land influence identity for Africans on the continent and in the diaspora, with these films: Shashamane, Little White Lie, Mercy Mercy and This Land. AfriDocs can be seen every Thursday 9:00/ 21:00 (CAT) on BET Africa, DStv channel 129. For more information:, @afri_docs

To be Debuted at ZIFF festival on the 8th 7:30pm, Ngome
Kongwe Zanziba


Welcome to a sample of afropolitan art & or cultural events, I've stumbled across in Tanzania & abroad this month...

  • Saturday, June 24 at 3 PM - 6 PM
    Soma Alumni kwa kushirikiana na Soma wanapenda kuwakaribisha kwenye uzinduzi wa kijijarida (Chapbook) chenye mkusanyiko wa hadithi fupi za washindi kumi bora wa Andika na Soma mzunguko wa 3 (2016).

    Uzinduzi utasindikizwa na mashairi, usomaji wa hadithi na washindi kupewa vijijarida vyao pamoja na mjadala kuhusu uandishi wa hadithi


Welcome to a sample of afropolitan art & or cultural events, I've stumbled on in Tanzania na pengineyo mwezi huu

The Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Tanzanites Presents "Amka Mama 2017"
A Health & Wellbeing Women's Only Fundraising Charity Event. 
For Good Health's Sake, Run, Jump and Shake!!
Date: 20th May 2017
Time: 3.30pm to 6.30pm
Venue: Little Scholars Preschool on Chole Road Opposite Village Supermarket. Msasani Peninsula.
Come, enjoy and sweat it with 2 sessions of Fusion Zumbathon by a Professional Fitness Trainer - Yusra Eshaq.
And of course not to forget our little angels -
ongoing supervision with a variety of activities
to keep them entertained (while the mama enjoys) at a minimum cost of 10,000/-
Tshirts available as an Entrance Ticket at 30000shs at the following locations....
1. Little Scholars Preschool
2. JD Pharmacy Ltd. Villagewalk Branch in Masaki
3.JD Pharmacy Ltd. Mlimani City Branch
4. JD Pharmacy Ltd. Harbour View Towers Branch
5. JD Pharmacy Ltd. Azikiwe Branch
6. JD Pharmacy Ltd. Diamond Plaza Branch
7. Nasim Barde's Salon
8. Gurmeet Fashions in Upanga


Karibu kunyongea na matukio yanayokuhusu kwenye ulimwengu wa Sanaa na Utamaduni

SOMA book cafe is looking to run a workshop
on women activists, kama we ni mwana harakati wa haki
za wanawake na ungependa kujua zaidi juu ya harakati
za wanawake hapa nchini, click here to register

Curated by Kijiweni Cinema, 'Democrats', will be showing on Tuesday, 11 April at 7:30pm inside NAFASI ARTSPACE in Mikocheni, DSM 

Open on Monday, 10 April, at 6:30pm at The Hyatt Hotel in DSM inside the Flame Tree Restaurant. Featuring fine artist Thobias Minzi a.k.a Minzi Mims 


In this month's lineup, 'sanaa notices' passing me way...kwa macho yako pekee..

"Starting in Nairobi, before it moves to Harare...
And, hopefully, later in the year, in Dar es Salaam.
All my Nairobi friends, Karibuni... Opening is on 30th from 6pm"-Rehema Chachage

New single by Heri Muziki, titled 'Sweet Love' debut video at
'Hideout Cafe' inside SOMA grounds in DSM-3/3/17-7pm/1usiku

The L'Atelier contemporary art competition is one of the most prestigious on the continent. Young artists from Tanzania who are between 18-35 are invited to apply. Registration is now open on their website, where you can enter your information and upload images of your works. Then, in April, you will be required to bring them to Nafasi.

The best works from Tanzania will then be sent on to South Africa. The top 100 works will be selected for exhibition and included in the catalogue. Winners receive cash prizes and top residency opportunities.

If you would like to apply but need assistance, please email us at to schedule an appointment with our office.

Deadline Extended, you can still apply...

Exhibition: PRECIOUS OF ZANZIBAR open till
the 3rd of March at The Goethe Insitut offices, pale
Mjini Kati-opp Msikiti wa Jamantini, DSM


Welcome to samplings of some Afro-Politan events that've passed my way, karibia na taarifa mbali mbali za Sanaa kwenye ulingo wa tamaduni endelevu za Kiafrika....

Heaven of Peace Academy-Tegeta Dar es Salaam

TANGO lessons & other dance lessons by Choreographer Kels, yupo Dar es Salaam. Kama umeguswa namba zao zipo hapo kwenye tangazo. The classes run from 7.30pm/1 usiku to 9pm/3 usiku. Don't worry about a partner, you will be matched up..


In Uganda

Intermediate and Advanced DJ Workshop
with Benjamin LeBrave, aka BBRAVE
23 and 24 February 2017 @ Nafasi Art Space
Fee: 20,000TSH*, free for Nafasi Members. Lunch Included.
To register, email
*If you would like to participate, but can't afford the registration fee, please email us to request for a waiver.
BET (DStv channel 129) is adding to its rich factual programming mix by welcoming the best documentaries from Africa and across the world onto its TV screens under a deal with documentary curators AfriDocs.

AfriDocs’ extensive library of African and international documentaries will be aired on BET’s pan-African entertainment channel on DStv every Sunday evening at 20:00 CAT, starting from Sunday 5 February 2017.

SOMA's children's program is officially back starting this Saturday the 11th of February 2017. Our #StoryTimeAtSoma launches, to register your child contact 0673014071 or email:





Karibu 2017, chini vya Sanaa vitamu mwezi huu...

The Charismatic Afro-Country singer Vitali Maembe (photo here) is on a short tour commemorating 'Azimio la Arusha'
You can catch him in these Venues of East Africa
Nairobi, Kenya.
28/01/2017 Single Mothers Association of Kenya Nairobi
Dodoma, Tanzania.
04/02/2017 Chimwaga, Dodoma.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
22-23/02 Kavazi la Mwalimu Nyerere, 'Sayansi' COSTECH, Dar es salaam

Theatre/IGIZO: "LAMENTATIONS @ 12" 26 January 2017, 7pm at Nafasi Art Space
Warsha: Zimbabwean Ngoma, Kuigiza, na Theatre Production & Management24 Jan - Drumming/Dance; Acting, 10am - 4/5pm (w/1 hour lunch break)25 Jan - Drumming/Dance; Acting, 10am-4/5pm (w/1hour lunch break), and Producers/Tour Managers (1-4pm)
AISHA has been nominated for Best East African Film and Best Overall African Film at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2017! 
We are also happy to announce that Aisha has been nominated under 'Outstanding film in a Foreign Language' at the 17th Black Reel Awards in Washington, D.C.


Bahati nzuri au mbaya mwaka wa 2016, umeanza kupeperusha bendera ya tamati. Not to worry the Culture scene is here to soothe this goodbye with Afro-Politan delightful art events below..

23/12/16 waweza kumwona dada CHI jukwaani
Pa Mgahawa mpya '206'anzia Saa 12jioni DSM-+255 684 236 702

At the National Museum, mjini Dar es Salaam


Haya kwa raha zako mwezi huu ndani ya 'Sanaa Notices'...

Pale 'Slow Leopard' Chole RD,
Masaki DAR-17th November from 7pm

Jumamosi tarehe 19/11/16 saa 1 usiku, pale Nafasi-Filamu Fupi kama 

30 tokea nchi mbali mbali Afrika zitaonyeshwa

 BURE kwa hisani ya 'Boda Boda Lounge'16'-Karibuni:

Kaka yetu MSAFIRI toka TZ atakuwepo
pale Brixton Oval kule London, UK @UpstairsAtTheRitzy +442073262627


Siku hazigandi, aya tena tunaona Sanaa inaendelea kushamiri nchini...below art news, events that's come to my desk this month Oktoba'16.

Pale Alliance Francaise, City Centre Dar es Salaam


Hapa chini, ni matangazo ya maonyesho na habari mbalimbali ndani ya ulimwengu wa Sanaa Tanzania. Welcome to art event news this month and other art notices..

Artist in residence at Nafasi Artspace for August & Sept;
 Francois Knoetze from the African Art Centre will share
his works while in TZ. Msanii huyu Francois,
ataonyesha kazi zake pale Nafasi Artspace, Mikocheni,
Dar es Salaam tarehe 29/09/16
 Saa 12:30 jioni hadi 9pm, kiingilio bure

#TamashaLaSanaa2016 yaadhimisha 'Siku Ya Msanii'. Tukutane tarehe 24/09/2016 kwa wingi pale Kijiji cha Makumbusho, Dar Es Salaam tupate burudani toka kwa wasanii mbalimbali... #TamashaLaSanaa2016, #NguvuYaSanaa

Creative`s Hook Up with Miss Lydia Kasese, a Tanzanian writer based in Dar Es  Salaam this September 23rd. Pale ofisi za CDEA (Mikocheni B, Dar es Salaam)

NGOZI- Tutazindua karakana ndogo za ngozi, tarehe 07th Sept'16
saa saba mchana-1pm pale Arusha Njiro store, Tanzania
WAKA Poets Club, inakaribisha washairi, wanamistari pale Mkawahawin SOMA saa 1 usiku tarehe 20/09/16, karibu na Morroco Dar es Salaam; ili wajumuike na washairi wengine kwenye uga wao wa washairi. Welcome to WAKA"s poetry group as a poet, we welcome you to come share your works with other poets, from 7pm-9;30pm at SOMA in Dar es Salaam

Ratiba Kongamano la KISWAHILI
pale UDSM Tarehe 15-17 Septemb

Ratiba Kongamano la KISWAHILI
 pale UDSM Tarehe 15-17 Septemb


Maonyesho ya Sanaa, yanayojiri mwezi wa Saba na Agosti'16. As I bump into them on my
networks enjoy!


FEMRITE@20 – Rethinking African Literature- 
Conference from the 28th-30th July at 
the School of Women and Gender Studies,
 Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

Coco Blue Zanzibar
'Roots Weekend'-July 22-24 from 9pm Jambiani ZNZ

DAR FUN RUN/WALK-Where: The Green Oysterbay-
Registration: Tshs10,000-Time: 6 AM/12 Asubuhi-Date-2/07/2016


  1. Asante kwa hyo Quote....born single and shall die single.

  2. Asante kwa hyo Quote....born single and shall die single.